31 January 2012

{watching you}

i'm just going to go ahead and out myself as a tv addict. i don't mean i'm a couch potato who flips through channels all day. mostly i am just an avid follower of a few (or more) certain shows. and it might be pathetic that i {sometimes} put off my homework for an hour of trashy television but really this is what gets me through life.  Here is my weekly round up:

Gossip Girl
Hart of Dixie
The Bachelor
Pretty Little Liars
One Tree Hill
New Girl
Happy Endings
Grey's Anatomy
and you could throw a few irregulars in there like private practice and desperate housewives just to make the list all that much longer. thats what like half a day's worth of time spent on tv? 

i know, i'm pathetic.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you watch Hart of Dixie. Kace and Ann give me crap about it. And of course I love Bones, New Girl, and Gossip Girl.