31 January 2012

{watching you}

i'm just going to go ahead and out myself as a tv addict. i don't mean i'm a couch potato who flips through channels all day. mostly i am just an avid follower of a few (or more) certain shows. and it might be pathetic that i {sometimes} put off my homework for an hour of trashy television but really this is what gets me through life.  Here is my weekly round up:

Gossip Girl
Hart of Dixie
The Bachelor
Pretty Little Liars
One Tree Hill
New Girl
Happy Endings
Grey's Anatomy
and you could throw a few irregulars in there like private practice and desperate housewives just to make the list all that much longer. thats what like half a day's worth of time spent on tv? 

i know, i'm pathetic.

26 January 2012

{keeping calm}

you guys. i hate these things. like despise. you know, i first became acquainted with "keep calm and carry on" when i was living in london. because you know thats where it came from. and where it was actually used as a war poster to up the morale of the country. pretty cool. now it's mostly over used and completely annoying

but whatever. because everyone deserves to be a little hypocritical every now and then.
 and this is my life right now
every morning when i wake up and feel like crying because of the 20 credits {and two jobs} on my plate this semester i just have to focus on April 19th

and of course this overused mantra
{i give alyssa credit for finding this picture. i met her the first day of my college career and now we are suffering through senioritis together. i swear we will make it.}

just counting down

18 January 2012


i believe in freedom
{just doing my part}

12 January 2012


you know when it is supposed to be winter except it hasn't snowed yet and christmas felt like september and the mountains look like june? thats when you really need to find things to keep you occupied in the 30 degree weather and smog.

like these things that are making me pretty happy right about now. 

like this article i hope to remember one day when i have kids. because heaven knows we all have body issues. 
and this song. i think that who ever decided t-swift and the civil wars should collaborate was definitely on the right track. 
this website has saved me half a million dollars (practically) and about 50 pounds off my shoulders (literally). thank heavens for e-books. 
i've recently been obsessed with this cover from my favorite warbler. thank you real-life prince eric. 
plus i am trying my hardest to become a good wife and actually cook dinner. made this excellent dish the other day and we loved it. 

but if those don't work, here is a picture to remind us of the way life used to be. 
maybe someday.

09 January 2012


i'll admit.
i have a minor obsession with jay-z and beyonce.
{but i'm not ashamed}
because really what isn't there to love about the pair?
they are both musical geniusesbeautiful and besties with chris and gwyneth.

And even though they are celebrities and I don't really know them at all, I couldn't be more thrilled for their new addition. 

all I know is baby blue is pretty lucky to have jay-z write a song about her.

not a bad way to start your life

listen here. even blue has an appearance. 

i can't get enough

07 January 2012


in the spirit of the new year. here area few things i resolve to do

cook dinner. and not just from a box
stay on top of school
go to bed before midnight
decorate my apt
remember birthdays
spend more time with my lady friends
make jeff run a marathon or two
make my self like running
be efficient

and 5 million other things that will inevitably never happen. 

and so it goes

03 January 2012

{has been}

i think it is time to play a little catch up.

since my last post on june 22, 2011 we have...

become mr. and mrs.
painted our house (after removing some mad awful wallpaper...thanks dad)
renovated my grandpa's old scooter
watched two of my best friends get married 
played at bear lake
visited idaho falls for yet another wedding
got a new nephew. and yet another temptation to get a dog.
ran a 5K with the flu
 carved our hearts out
played dress up
 dyed my hair a million times (thanks sis)
watched 134 episodes of bones in a month and a half
 watched jeff's lil bro get a chest tube for his collapsed lung (he is totally okay now, so no worries)
 commemorated two years since our first (real) date
 played loads of lego harry potter

and in other news:
i was cleared for April 2012 graduation. {yay me}
and now we are both working our butts of a trying to stay caught up in school. and mostly just looking forward to summer!

life is better than ever. 

01 January 2012

{say everything}

after a six-month hiatus from the world of blogging, i have returned.
{just in time to procrastinate the work in my last semester of college}
and although i loved read all over i am now one half of a whole and owe my best guy some credit.

so here's to new beginnings

i promised myself to make a solid effort towards this beauty since it is the only way i document my life.
and i never want to forget the way things are

and further, i promise you (whoever you are) that this blog will be full of grammatical errors, random thoughts, interesting findings, rambles and whatever else i happen come up with. no apologies. 

i'm back