01 February 2012

{take a minute}

you know when life seems so crazy, so busy, that no matter how many hours of sleep you lose every night or how hard you work you will never be able to get everything done? 
i feel like that a lot lately. 
but because i hate being stressed i tend to avoid it at all costs (and sometimes the costs are high).
and i think the best way to avoid it is just take a minute and do my own thing. 
like making jeff neglect his homework and play just dance with me
or looking on pinterest for just ten minutes. 
or reading a few of the 5,843,098 bachelor blogs out there.
or dancing around the house like a maniac.
or watching a quick episode of new girl (the only time i appreciate the measly 30 minutes)
or find a new favorite song on itunes.
or blog

i like those things. 
and i like this song that sometimes helps me through it.

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