29 February 2012


i'll admit, i wasn't all that thrilled about leap day this year. this is one time in my life where i really don't need an extra day. more like 50 less days. but now that i think about it, leap day is lucky. i mean for a day that only comes every four years, it has to be something special. 

i think leap day is more than just a way to stabilize our calendar. 
it's an extra chance to live.

life is short. 
{i've realized this more in the past two weeks than i ever have}
you never know what life has in store for you. you never know. you might wake up one day and lose one of the people you love the most. every day we are faced with challenges and decisions, you never know when something will change your life forever.

and even with this fact looming over my head, i really don't believe in living life in fear. i do believe in living every moment to its fullest and never taking anything for granted. 

you see like leap day, i am lucky. i have so much to be thankful for and i never want to lose sight of what i have, more importantly who i have. so i am grateful to have one more day this year to enjoy every single blessing in my life.

and even after leap day, the special day, i will live my life as best as i can.
with no fear, just immense amounts of love.

and most importantly
taking advantage of every moment.


  1. yay Emmy for a new blog! i just really love you, did you know that? i think you're just one of the cutest girls ever so please keep blogging so i can stay up on your life, k? and girl, i feel you on the graduating thing, i'm dying over here with classes! i have no desire/motivation to do a thing in them! what are you two doing after graduation? i guess it's only you graduating, but still, what are zee plans? love you!

  2. um so happy you have a blog! but so sad I didn't find it til now. you better believe i am your newest follower! by the way I love everything about this post