03 February 2012


i have a big family.

huge even

with five siblings, four sibling in laws, and fourteen nieces and nephews... 
{that makes a whopping total of 27 plus two dogs}
things can get pretty crazy 

except things rarely do because everyone lives far away.
San Antonio, Dallas, Idaho, St. George and even Denver..
and it really isn't fair.

most of the year Rondi and I are camped here alone lonely and missing our cute kids.

but not now. because the st. george family is now the springville family and at last i have some kiddos to keep me company!
(plus a brother and a great sister in law)

i'm very pleased to welcome Trevor, Heather, Emma, Austin and Bella(the dog) back to the Valley. 

Can't wait to actually spend time with them!

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