12 January 2012


you know when it is supposed to be winter except it hasn't snowed yet and christmas felt like september and the mountains look like june? thats when you really need to find things to keep you occupied in the 30 degree weather and smog.

like these things that are making me pretty happy right about now. 

like this article i hope to remember one day when i have kids. because heaven knows we all have body issues. 
and this song. i think that who ever decided t-swift and the civil wars should collaborate was definitely on the right track. 
this website has saved me half a million dollars (practically) and about 50 pounds off my shoulders (literally). thank heavens for e-books. 
i've recently been obsessed with this cover from my favorite warbler. thank you real-life prince eric. 
plus i am trying my hardest to become a good wife and actually cook dinner. made this excellent dish the other day and we loved it. 

but if those don't work, here is a picture to remind us of the way life used to be. 
maybe someday.

1 comment:

  1. Love the song and article! miss you girl- we need to catch up. I will be in Utah in a few weeks!