26 January 2012

{keeping calm}

you guys. i hate these things. like despise. you know, i first became acquainted with "keep calm and carry on" when i was living in london. because you know thats where it came from. and where it was actually used as a war poster to up the morale of the country. pretty cool. now it's mostly over used and completely annoying

but whatever. because everyone deserves to be a little hypocritical every now and then.
 and this is my life right now
every morning when i wake up and feel like crying because of the 20 credits {and two jobs} on my plate this semester i just have to focus on April 19th

and of course this overused mantra
{i give alyssa credit for finding this picture. i met her the first day of my college career and now we are suffering through senioritis together. i swear we will make it.}

just counting down

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