24 April 2012


i'm a sucker for a good commercial. 
i always seem to get so emotionally attached in those 30+ seconds. 

i'm the girl that tears up when those poor legless dogs show up on my screen 
{i talking about you sarah mclachlan}
and as much as i love the DVR, i can't help but hold off of the fast forward button every now and then to catch a great commercial.

the great ones don't come around as often as they should. but when they do, i celebrate them. because it means something when i'd rather see a commercial than my show. 

so here are two of my recent loves in the ad world.


creativity at its best. 


  1. you're right. some good commericals. I love the style of the first one. So cute. Second one is very interesting. I love when they recognize their mom's at the end. so cute.

  2. Those are great! I might steal them for my blog!