29 March 2012

{the whisper song}

not sure why justin bieber decided it was okay for him to whisper rap. he is channeling a little too much ying yang twins circa 2005. it's not working out too well. 

in better music news. here's my recent dance jam. 

and because i'm on an ingrid michaelson kick lately here's an oldie but a goodie that makes spring feel a little bit closer.

once again focusing all attention to music as my homework sits there and taunts my sleepy head. 

26 March 2012

{losing color}

i painted at work today.
{long story}

and as i was painting, my coworker urged me to go wash out my hair because i had paint on the top of my head. {no surprise, i am a messy painter} so i go. and i look for that paint. except it wasn't paint after all. just my gray hairs. my new friends, just a couple years old that crave attention and love to stand out in a crowd.

i remember the first time I noticed a gray hair sticking out in the middle of blackness {as a 19 year old}. i plucked that sucker out and taped it to a black piece of paper as proof. well you know how they say when you pluck one three grow back in its place? totally true. 

so now i have about ten little white strands that will no doubt multiply and replenish my head very shortly. {i even have a white eyelash} and for once in my life i am jealous of blondes. they don't really have more fun, but they can sure cover up those grays.

but you know what? people sometimes say that gray hairs are proof that you have lived.
i'll take that. 

{and a root retouch every six weeks}

14 March 2012

{three point one four}

i happen to dislike pi(e)
{mathematical and culinary}

so pi day was never really in my radar.

that was until almost five years ago when i met the the girl who loves pi(e)
especially when it is on the calendar.

so here's to the best roommate i've ever had.
an attentive listener with mad accounting skills and big dreams.
a powerful and strong woman full of class and good taste

a woman i was lucky to find. a woman unlike anyone i've ever known.

happy birthday ms. smith.
here's to our fourth pi day as besties.

i'll always miss our days in David John 3219 but will always be grateful for that tiny room that brought us together.

love you lyss. happy birthday.

02 March 2012

{you are you}

happy birthday to the man with the words.

i'm sure he is still spouting witty poems from heaven.